Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Weekend past at Deer Palace

Almost two years ago, the pine beetle killed a tree here at Deer Palace. The beetle has been the bane of many a tree in Oregon in recent years. The tree did not yet know it was dead. Last summer, it finally gave up any greenery at all and succumbed to its fate. We have been looking at a monolith of pointy brown branches ever since.
Thanks to our very skilled LumberMan friend, it now looks like this:And for us, the work of turning it into a cord or so of firewood begins. And a little bit of fence mending so the deer can't penetrate the fortress.

I will have to edit this post with the diameter of the trunk and the length of the tree once I measure it...
it was one pretty big tree!

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1 comment:

Nancy said...

That is a hefty tree. It will warm you many cold Oregon winter nights!