Friday, April 2, 2010

Yeast Free Pizza

There are many people avoiding yeast, glutens, and lactose these days for various reasons. If you have ever followed a diet of this type, you will know that it is like working a part-time job just to identify and prepare the "allowed" foods. We were following the Candida Diet when we made this pizza, and there was even then a little bit of cheating involved because we did use cheese.

I found it somewhat difficult on the Candida Diet to get enough calories in a day. Real food does not have huge calorie loads like restaurant, fast food, and processed supermarket foods do. We were craving something semi-allowed that would be FILLING. This worked!

We followed this yeast free pizza crust recipe from for the crust. We did NOT follow the rest of the recipe for the pizza. We do not eat pork or ground beef. This one was not gluten free because we used whole wheat flour, but we have used spelt flour also with good results. Some people on gluten free diets can tolerate spelt flour because it is a more ancient grain with a lower gluten content.

For the pizza, Mr. Nature used tomatoes frozen last summer from our own garden and cooked them down into pizza sauce. He used his own secret blend of spices. He took dehydrated tomatoes from last summer's garden and marinated them in organic, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil. He added fresh spinach, and fresh mozzarella. Then he baked it at 450 degrees on our cast iron griddle pan for about 15 minutes. He removed it from the griddle pan and put in directly on the oven rack for another 4 minutes or so.

We ate it so fast that I did not get a photo of it after cooking. The photo above is just before it entered the oven.

Happy whole food cooking to you!

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