Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Barrow of Dirt

Here is what I have for you today. A wheelbarrow full of dirt. Sometimes I just don't have enough energy to go around. My mind wants me to do so many more things than my body is capable of delivering. Just as this dirt is fertile and fraught with innumerable possibilities for growth, so my mind is fertile with ideas and creative thoughts.

And, just as that barrow of soil is too H E A V Y for me to transport to my garden, my body is too T I R E D by the end of the day to transport the ideas from my mind to tangible results in this mortal realm.

I want to take more photos, write better blog posts, dig through my old writings and get them revised, sew more, knit faster, get the garden in full swing, weed the gravel walkways, shred my junk mail, make upcycled notebooks and journals and greeting cards, inventory my books, build my Sharing Our Gifts charity, write the book I have begun, and still take time to sip a glass of wine on my west deck and watch the deep red of the sinking sun turn to the pale grey of twilight while the birds build in their seasonal houses.

But what I have instead today is a wheelbarrow of dirt. A head full of possibility. A mind racing with ideas. And an energy well temporarily run dry. Father Time is a thief. Not only does he embezzle seconds when we are not looking, so does he also steal our vitality and strength.

Do you think I might trade him some of my
wheelbarrow dirt for the return of some sands
of time?

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