Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear People Who Might Visit a Petting Zoo,

Here is what I learned from experience.
It sounds like so much fun to pay the extra $1.00 for a
Jolly Time ice cream cone filled with savory treats for
the animals at the petting zoo, but

those animals are onto us! They know that
cone in hand = YUMMY FOOD

It is, in fact, a really bad idea. Had we stuck around
outside for a bit and watched others, we could have
learned from THEIR experience. Alas, we were too
excited to pet the miniature donkeys and deer.

Here is how it goes: Animals are all tame and friendly
and happy to allow you to pet them. Animals see a person
(in this case, me) enter with a cone full of feed, and they


And they get awfully aggressive with those unsuspecting
cone bearers. I kept expecting to be butted by the goats
and kicked by the deer. Instead, they just tried to eat
our clothes and got pushy with their noses.

We had a good time once we emptied the goods onto the ground
and handed over the cone.

Vanished treats and no cone in hand = docile petting zoo animals.

Next time, skip the treats and just watch those other unsuspecting
folks have to learn the hard way.


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1 comment:

Nancy said...

That is good advice. I shall remember it when accompanying granchildren to petting zoos! Really!