Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Imagine the possibilities. Imagine what fun you can have with just a few friends (little stuffed ones, that is) and a smidge of imagination.

The imagine rock is one that Nature Boy gave to Amilia a couple of years ago, and is one of her favorite possessions.

The animals all have names, and are small enough to go everywhere with us. They even have little cars to drive and blankets and pillows for resting. That is Dr. Mouse there in the front...she makes sure all other tiny pets are healthy and happy.(I am not a big fan of WalMart, but I must admit that I have been seen passing through its doors on occasion. It is the only place where these particular teeny "Whimzy" pets can be found. And they are extremely affordable, which has been a big factor for us in all purchases over the past couple of years.)

I still maintain that handmade is best, and I support it whenever and wherever I am able, but I also must admit that I enjoy playing with these teeny tiny little pets with Amilia, and our imaginations fly...
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Splendid Little Stars said...

reminds me of my childhood fun playing with toys like this with friends for hours

SLColman said...

Letting an imagination soar is one of the best parts of childhood!