Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tennessee Disaster Relief

I thought I would share with you another opportunity for giving handmade items to a charitable cause. From May 15 to June 15, Sharing Our Gifts is partnering with the Knit and Crochet Tennessee team on Ravelry to make afghans, lap blankets, baby blankets, washcloths and hand towels for people affected by the severe flooding in the Nashville area.

There are no size requirements, so if gauge swatching is not your thing, NO FEAR!

Not a knitter or crocheter? Sewn items will be happily accepted also! Small sewn toys are your specialty? I am certain that the children needing small blankets would be happy to receive cuddly toys as well. All items our group (Sharing Our Gifts) sends will go to the Nashville Salvation Army and be slated specifically for the flood relief effort.

We have two options this time around. For those of you who want to know exactly where your donated items are going and/or you want or need a donation receipt (if you want a donation receipt, please specify on your tag and include an SASE so it can be mailed to you by a Salvation Army employee), you can designate that they be delivered to the Salvation Army in Nashville by tagging the items as follows:

“For Salvation Army from Sharing Our Gifts”

For those of you who are comfortable with giving the flexibility of your items being disbursed by the Knit and Crochet group to whatever charity is most in need of flood relief items at a given time, please tag your items as follows:

“From Sharing Our Gifts”

This time, it is VITAL that you tag your items so that they will be properly tallied. Since our items will be going to the same place that probably thousands of other items will also be going, we want to be sure that they are logged in connection with our group’s donation efforts. We have printable tags on our Ravelry group’s main forum under the tab that says
“2 pages.” Print and then just write the proper tag (from above) on to the back of the tag.


Deadline to have these items received by the project coordinator (for this Project #8) is June 15, so please allow appropriate mail time.

We do not have a “Sharing Our Gifts” volunteer coordinator on this one since we are partnering with the other group, and we are to send to their volunteer collector. The mailing address for this project is:

FiftyForward Knowles
ATTN: Deborah
174 Rains Ave.
Nasville TN 37203

Happy crafting!

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