Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A bad crop year?

Last summer's photo reveals that we already had an abundance of blooming lavender at this time of the year. This year, the lavender buds have yet to break out into color and bloom. And where are the bees? I have seen nary a bee this year yet. The five little peaches that were trying to grow on my peach tree have failed to thrive for lack of pollination. And the apple tree is besieged this year by some kind of bug of the I-know-not-what variety. Winged, red, flying, and causing the apples and the leaves to wither and curl. What will I do without apples this year???

Between the strangely long cold that delayed spring's arrival and the sporadic and seemingly endless rain and frost causing the garden to be planted late, I am not sure what we are in for this year in crop yields.
do you know this bug? is there an organic application for my tree? will I have any edible apples?

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1 comment:

SLColman said...

The weather here has been crazy too. We are still having frost periodically mixed in with all the wild unusual rains. My plot still isn't dry enough to till and plant :( We started it but I don't know that we will have a garden at all this year... and to think this was to be the first we had one here.