Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Raw Milk Speakeasy?

More and more, I believe that food is my platform. Food is what we need at our most base level to stay alive and healthy. Our population is alive, but for the most part, not healthy. I believe that is due to a direct link with the food we eat. Or don't eat. Both. I think that my voice is to be used on the issue of navigating the food folly of our modern age. More and more, it is what I think about and talk about and study the most. And more and more, it is what is being legislated out of our control.

I read Chickiepea's blog, and find that we are on similar food paths. Today, I read about her visit to a farm where raw milk can be obtained, but it is unspoken that raw milk can be obtained there. Have we really reached a point where we have to go to a Speakeasy for MILK?!

Here is the post. And here is my comment to the post (comment below), wherein I mention that I fell off my usual food wagon this last weekend. I share my comment with you because it is off the cuff, and I want to know how many of you out there feel the same? How many read my blog for food information, and how many are on similar food paths? I think my blog is hankering to take a detour further into the world of NATURAL, wholesome food.
My comment:

Here, here! It is very difficult…near impossible these days to get completely away from industrial Big Ag and Big Food. I am also amazed at how much knowledge in our collective network of brains that has been lost in just a few generations. I don’t know how to can my own food (but this year I am doing it for the first time). I don’t know how to identify nearly as many plants as my grandparents could. I don’t know how to grow and raise ALL of my own food, though I am attempting to get to that point. It seems as though we are on track to not even be ALLOWED to be completely self-sufficient. Where then would Big Food, Big Ag and Big Pharma get its income earmarked to arrive from me?

I ate junk food this weekend because we were on a drive into CA, and my daughter saw a sign she remembered from a few years ago when we used to allow it on occasion, and I gave in. I did it because it was the only fast food that, a couple of years ago, I still thought was even remotely safe, (though I no longer think so) and because I was nostalgic for the time when I did not know all that I now know and when I believed that those foods were okay. I did it because I miss eating without reading entire ingredient lists and the naivete I once possessed. I did it as a farewell forever to that particular food…a last fling with my old self.

I find it ironic that health food has become the backward thing to eat, and that even “health” food (labeled to be healthy and good for you!) is not healthy food. It is often not even food at all, but laboratory created foodstuff labeled as "heart healthy" or "cholesterol lowering" or "low fat" or "high fiber."

I find it equally ironic that the raw, natural, homegrown, healthy food of our grandparents and great-grandparents and beyond has almost become contraband. It saddens me that we have lost this heritage that very few seem to even know is gone.

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