Friday, June 18, 2010

Striper Striper the Wondercat

Striper is keeping himself mostly out of trouble this year. He learned his lesson after the catnapping, er...kidnapping. He has been happy to stay home and keep all body parts intact, including his toes.

He saunters around with so much vim and vigor that I sometimes wish I could travel in his paws for a day or two. He carries fierce poetry in his soul, and unlike those of us in the human realm, his poetry will not be stifled.

He lives each moment and each day with the same strength and determination as the one before, never wavering in his confidence and sense of purpose. He plays, he gives affection, he bucks like a bronco at a rodeo, all with the same intensity. He hunts with ferocity.

His poetry is in his movement, his gait, his stealth, his defiant stare. His poetry lives.

What of ours?
Where does ours go
when it dies?
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1 comment:

Splendid Little Stars said...

great tribute to Stiper! I remember his escapades! He is truly a wondercat!