Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Readers,

I need your help! I am working on a project now that will take about one year (I hope no more!), at the end of which I plan to have a published work to show for my efforts. I am actually working on two projects that walk together hand-in-hand, but I need your help on at least one of these.

What kind of help could a blogger possibly want from me, the reader, you ask? Well, here is what I want to know:
Who among you is willing to assist me in my research effort by answering some simple survey questions?

Your answers will be private and your name will not be used in my published work. I am collecting data for rough statistical purposes and will be using the information for anecdotal evidentiary support and to help me understand regional and national food habits and preferences.

Are you still with me???

Then please email me with the answers to the following questions:
  1. How often do you grocery shop?
  2. How often do you cook?
  3. How often do you eat out?
  4. When you eat out, do you eat at sit-down restaurants or fast food?
  5. Do you purchase processed foods? (microwavable, boxed, packaged, frozen, ready-to-heat, snacks, etc.)
  6. Do you cook or bake "from scratch"?
  7. How often do you cook or bake from scratch?
  8. Do you read ingredient labels? (NOT nutrition information, but INGREDIENT lists)
  9. Do you think Canola oil is a healthy oil?
  10. Do you know what Canola is?
If you are willing, please email me with your answers to these questions. Please tell me whether you are willing to answer future simple surveys along my research path. I am going to attempt to use my "food Friday" post slot to do a survey each week for the next several weeks. I will be chronicling the process three days a week on Outside The Garden. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Ask them to help me as well.

Are you ready to be a:

If you are, grab the badge (copy and paste the text below the Food Revolutionary badge) and paste away!

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