Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Rhythms

One of the many things we are lacking in "modern" society is a connection with the natural rhythms of life. We want it all and we want it now. We want the fast food, the quick fix, the instant mix, the get rich quick, and any other scheme that will help us to bypass the words "wait, patience, pace, in due time."

We are taught now from birth onward that we deserve it and we deserve to have it now. Overweight? No need to follow a whole foods, healthy diet with the number of calories and nutrients intended by God and nature - just follow your entitlement to the surgeon's knife. Stomachache? Take a pill or a dissolving effervescent tablet. Headache? Don't attempt to determine the cause - take a gelcap! Hungry? Don't bother cooking or doing any work in the kitchen- just go buy some paper-wrapped chemical concoction masquerading as food at the local fast food chain. Need to talk to someone? Just pick up your cell. No need to worry about the pleasantries with the cashier at the market...they understand that you couldn't wait to make that call.

What is the cost? The cost of all of this is much deeper than a monetary cost. Yes, money makes the world go 'round (and 'round and 'round and 'round), but are we healthier now for all our quick fixes? Are we happier with the meals, the medicines, and the social interaction? Do we even stop to notice life passing?

I have found that I am still guilty of some of these shortcomings. I want things sooner than later. I want to pop an Ibuprofen when I have a headache (but these days, I mostly do NOT). I do occasionally still use a cellular phone, though never in a business establishment at the expense of others.

But on this journey back to the simple life that our ancestors knew, I am finding that it is better to allow life's rhythms to engage. It is better to slow down and wait sometimes. It is better to let a fever run its own course than to stop it from doing the work it was intended to do. It is better to cook from scratch. It is better to grow your own food. It is better to drink raw milk. In learning the knowledge that was robbed from us by modern society, I am finding that there is much discord, and it is better to reconnect with our lives, our health, our nutrition and our own mind as nature intended. Slowly, with patience and quiet reflection.

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