Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fare

Tonight we succumbed to the heat and had zero energy for cooking any kind of dinner. Instead, we took advantage of the yearning for light, wet foods and cold beverages. By wet, I mean watery, juicy, saucy. We had light croustades with cheese and diced tomatoes swimming in balsamic vinegar and garlic. We had green olives and spicy pepperoncini peppers (however, even though I was eating them, I have to divulge that they may soon be on my list of banned processed foods - they contain artificial coloring!) We had icy sparkling water. Followed by cold grapes.

I was asked to fetch some fresh basil from the kitchen garden on the east deck, but I realized as we sat on the deck eating that I had failed to fulfill that request. There was the basil plant waving its succulent leaves at me as I ate my tomato and bread, and even then I was too heat zapped to clip even one leaf.

I sit here now astounded that I must already retire to bed to recharge for another day, and I have yet to complete desired tasks for today. I began to cast-on a new hat for Christmas, and didn't even get all the stitches onto my needles. I worked a little on my book and an e-course I am developing. I read a few pages. I studied the "eat local" directory a little. I did a load of laundry. I watched a few minutes of television (about 10 minutes total). I gave Amilia a quick bath. I helped clean up the dinner mess. I tidied a spot in the bedroom.

I touched many projects and even completed some tasks, but I need more time!! Time to relax, to knit, to think, to write, to sew, and to teach. Time to muse.

How do you fare in the time use department?

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