Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The summer meal

(post-edit) I wanted to share with you a visual of one of our summer meals. The meal is a mix of local, non-local, organic and non-organic. These are elements that comprise most of our meals, and it is a stepping stone on our path to as local and organic as we can get. Percentage to be defined as we go.Amilia had organic potatoes (not local), boiled and smashed; organic steamed broccoli (not local), organic raw zucchini (not local), sour cream (not local), and a bit of salmon patty (not local). Ours was salmon patty on organic sprouted grain burger buns with cole slaw and corn (corn not pictured here). The burger elements include mixed greens (not local), tomato (local and pesticide free, though not "certified" organic), local onion (also pesticide free from same farm), and the green onion was plucked less than 5 minutes before this photo from my own garden.

Though the foods that are not local have not supported a small local grower, my purchase of these items has helped to support a small, local chain health food market. Every time I shop, I engage in a thorough thought process about origin, organic/non-organic, ingredients, packaging, and price. Though I want to purchase only from local growers and only organic (not necessarily "certified" organic), I cannot always afford to COMPLETELY stick to this ideal. I make the sacrifices where I must, with full investigation first.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

That is quite a commitment, Sinclair--awesome in its scope. not easily done by most, but oh so important. I like to grow some vegetables and herbs, but I do need to make more effort to support local farmers.