Thursday, July 1, 2010


I wanted Amilia to be able to do some school work over the summer without the tedium of "classroom" study. I wanted her to be able to do some fun games while learning, and to feel like she was really getting a treat instead of a lesson. So, I went on a hunt for "online curriculum" and other similar terms.

I am a member of the Home-school Buyers Co-op which provides a way to get group purchasing power and discounts on curriculum and other school supplies. I saw that there was a featured 75% off a site called for the month of June. It is a completely online learning system with a monthly fee. It is normally $19.95 per month, but the group discount was for $4.95 for one month.

I went to and did some free demos, and thought it was really fun and educational. I tried several other sites, but none were as engaging as this one with its blue graduate mouse and fun "playground" to access at "recess" time. I was hooked! So, I went back to my co-op to sign up for the discounted rate. Try as I might (and I did for a few hours), I could not get the link to work. Something on the co-op site was down, and I could not get the discount rate. But Amilia had tried the demos and wanted to sign up RIGHT NOW so she could get started.

I went ahead and signed up anyway, at the full price rate of $19.95. I figured, even if we decided later that we didn't like it, we could always cancel before the next month's payment was due. I really would have liked to have the first month discounted, but I have to say that I will not be canceling the service any time soon! We love it, and Amilia has already (in just about three weeks) worked through all the first AND second grade science! That is 16 lessons at first grade level and 16 lessons at 2nd grade level. She has worked through 28 Language Art Extensions lessons (these are reading, read-to-me, stories and comprehension, alphabetic principles, etc.), 8 Language Arts lessons (phonics, reading and story comprehension), and one math lesson. Math is not her favorite, but we will get to those also.

She REQUESTS to log in and GET to do school! She loves that there is a playground and she can go to "recess" between lessons. I like that I can set the allowed time for recess, and I can set a minimum of time that she has to work on lessons before the system will allow her to log into recess. We have access to her grade level, plus one level below and one level above her grade. There are a combined (language, language extensions, math, and science) 783 first grade lessons available. There are lesson plans, a parent forum, and a list of suggested "offline" reading for grades 3-6. We have actually already read aloud three of the suggested books this year.

I also love that I can access and print progress report cards, and they can summarize one day, one week, or one month. I have been doing them weekly. It gives a printed record of her progress, her individually completed lessons, and the grades on each quiz. In all subjects combined, she has completed 26 quizzes. Her average grade is 95.26% over all subjects.

She will be starting second grade in the fall, and this helps me know that she is truly ready for that grade level. She zoomed through the science like it was organic chocolate chips in a snack bowl, and is doing the same with reading and phonics. I am so happy that we found this program, and I am going to continue to subscribe until I feel it is no longer useful to us (which may be a very long time, since they offer lessons through the 8th grade level AND they offer algebra for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels). Even I could use a brush-up in that category!

So, the further great and wonderful news is that I found a little spot on the site that says I can earn one month free for mentioning the program on my blog. Since I was already going to blog about it, I decided that was a win-win for all of us. I get to tell you about this great learning resource tool, I get one month free for sharing the information, and you get to learn of a resource that you also may find invaluable for your family.

How is that anything less than wonderful?

*The opinions shared about the program
are my own and are not in any way influenced
by my receipt of one month free for sharing.
If I hadn't thought it worthwhile, I wouldn't want
a free month, and I certainly would not have
recommended it to others.

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keri said...

Thanks for the tip ,I didnt know you could get a "Free" month by sharing your review on a Blog .
I agree with you about T4L,I know my kids really Love
I think because its actually Fun for them instead of a chore like most book curriculum is ..
Well I am off to do my Blog!
Thxs again :)
BTW you can get like $5 off a month if you buy 3 months in advance ;)

(to) Articulate said...

Thanks for posting this review. I have just purchased T4L for my 2nd grader, and wanted to make sure I had made a good choice (even though it is month to month, and I can cancel - but, who wants to waste any money).

You review (and a few others) has eased my mind. I am looking forward to our experience with Time4Learning this homeschooling year. Thanks again.

Sinclair said...

I'm glad you found it useful, and we are still very happy with T4L. My daughter really enjoys the lessons, and even the tests, and she feels like she is having fun while I know that she is learning.