Monday, August 30, 2010

Blackberry Picking Time

Yesterday was blackberry picking day. We ended up with about 5 pounds of berries, but it was much more difficult this year than last. One in ten berries was ripe, and the rest were still green to pink.

The plants seemed much more stickery than usual, and it was like playing a game of Operation to reach in and extricate the berries without touching the "edges" that would give you a poke instead of just a little buzz.
The weather was cold this weekend, making it even less inviting to go berry picking, but my freezer is calling for winter stores. It reached about 68 yesterday, but started and ended at about 44. Fall is coming on fast, and I have barely felt summer this year.

I ended the day as I ended the day before: bundled up in a sweater over a shirt, sweat pants, socks and fuzzy house slippers. Makes me want to stay in bed in the morning and sip hot beverages instead of heading to the office!

*Fun things Amilia said this weekend:

1. "Are you saying that metaphorically?" (response to something I told her)
2. "I see a gaggle of wild geese flying south! Shouldn't they fly in an M pattern - for Migration? Or is it just a V for Vacation?"

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SLColman said...

I love blackberries! That sounds like it was a horrible time picking though :(

Sinclair said...

Well, it wasn't horrible, but it did feel more like a chore this year than a fun adventure (as it usually is). I am happy, though, because we picked 5 pounds and it is all washed and frozen already. We ate quite a few of them during processing!