Saturday, August 28, 2010


Listen to internet radio with Outside The Garden on Blog Talk RadioRemember in February when I said I was going to begin hosting (sometime) on Blog Talk Radio?

Well, now I have done it...but I warn you, I have only done one broadcast, and I am not trained in broadcast journalism. I am working on soundproofing my "studio" (aka my desk) with some tips I have learned from WAH voiceover artists. When I am able, I will invest in better microphone equipment, but for now, the Skype headset will have to suffice.

I originally thought I might broadcast under NatureWithMe about gardening and homesteading topics, but as I have mentioned, I really feel that the Industrial Food Chain is a problem that is getting worse, and that we need voices to speak out and object to more legislation. We don't need more legislation that doesn't work.

We need educated consumers, and we need to have discourse about how to move in the right direction instead of being taken by bigger and bigger government in the wrong direction.

So, I have been torn about how to lend my voice, and where best to speak. My answer was to begin my blog called Outside The Garden that is dedicated solely to food topics, and now to begin broadcasting as Outside The Garden on BlogTalkRadio.

NatureWithMe will remain my personal blog and I will continue to discuss some food, some crafts, some of this and a little of that. I do hope you will join me on my other blog, and that you might even catch one of my broadcasts and call in or log on to chat live.

See you there!

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