Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brrrrriiiiiinnnnnggggg! 1982 is calling...

Today, there was a power surge in the building where I go every day to trade my time for money. It took out the power center for our fancy multi-line phone system. It will not be fixed until tomorrow when a new system will be installed. In the meantime, to get us through, the phone servicing people brought us a single line "vintage" phone. They brought the Premier HAC 2500, just like the one above. Isn't it funny that when the newest technology fails, we always fall back on more reliable workhorses of the past?

I LOVED it because it made me laugh every time it rang. The ring was the loud, obnoxious, jarring hammer on bells ring of my childhood, and it was fun to have only one phone that worked for a time, meaning that anybody who received a call had to take it at the reception desk. Mostly, there was a lot of telling the person on the other end of the line that so-and-so would call them right back, and then so-and-so would go and call the person back from a cell phone.

But that ring took me back to summer days with my feet dangling from a tree branch while condensation dripped from my glass of ice cold (terrible for you soft drink that I no longer ingest) and left wet rings on the legs of my blue jeans. Every time I heard that ring today, I was no longer trapped in an adult body that has to trade the better part of every day for wages. I was wiping the juice of the fresh plum plucked from a nearby branch off my chin and wondering if I would be able to stay awake to midnight. I was munching fresh almonds from another nearby tree while I heard the rooster crow in the backyard coop.

I was far, far away from this 105 degree August 2010 work day. And that was just fine with me.
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SLColman said...

I love how you turned what could have been miserable into so much fun!!