Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farewell, old friend

This is Seuss. He hasn't had much of the spotlight on this blog because he has not done much of interest. He never did do much of interest. We always said he was of royal blood because what he did best was lie around looking regal. He was the best cat I have ever known. Yesterday, he shed this mortal coil and floated off into cat heaven. He was 13 years old.This beautiful cat arrived at my home in 1997 just after being weaned from his mother. While he did engage in some kitten behavior, he was even then seemingly older and more subdued than other kittens. His first name was "Grandpa" before we finally settled on Seuss. From the beginning, he enjoyed napping and being close to his humans, and he was even protective of us when he met strangers.
He was somewhat choosy about his food (what cat isn't?), and he insisted on having running water to drink. No stagnant cat water bowl for him! He would stand by the faucet and wait patiently for someone to turn it on to drip for him when he wanted a drink. He was exceedingly tolerant of children and their antics, and would even let us hold him on his back while we stroked his stomach. He did not enjoy being brushed, and would only tolerate a few swipes before he would saunter away.

I never heard him hiss in his entire life. The vet basically called him a coward when he had to have stitches one time after being attacked by a neighborhood cat. We called him sensible. He never once killed another critter - not for food or for sport. He knew where his food originated, and he would not stoop to such mundane cat behavior as pouncing or killing prey. THAT was left to the COMMONERS of Catdom, of course! Striper, Striper the Wonder cat is all too happy to oblige, having himself come from scrappy commoners of dubious origin.

Seuss had slowed down to barely moblie over the last year. This once 18 pound gentle ball of fur had shrunk to a 6.5 pound ball of skin and bones. He could no longer make it to the catbox in time, or hold himself up completely on his hind legs. He had stopped cleaning himself and his fur became a matted mess. He could barely eat, and his teeth made grinding noises when he chewed. It was painful to watch, and painful to know that his end was near. Now, it is just sad that he was not here this morning asking for his water by the faucet, or lying in the garden watching the chickens this afternoon.

Even though he was just a pet, we humans tend to create strong bonds with our pets and treat them like part of the family. He has been a part of our family since Nature Boy was a toddler. He moved with us each time we relocated, and he was blessed to have only one family for his entire lifetime. We were blessed to have known such a sweet, gentle, and loyal friend.

Goodbye, Seuss.
You are missed
and loved.
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Splendid Little Stars said... sorry. Seuss looks and sounds like a wonderful being. I know you will dearly miss him. What a great tribute!

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. I had a similar kitty not long ago that despite her total disinterest in all things human won my heart. Touching eulogy.