Monday, August 9, 2010

Hornets No More!

Have you ever seen a hornet nest, up close and personal-like? I had not, until now. Mr. Nature found this one in our juniper bushes near where the chickens like to nest. Hornets are S C A R Y because they will mobilize the entire nest of workers to go after one who bothers the nest (or whom the hornets believe has been bothersome) and each one of them can sting multiple times. Their attacks can be fatal for we lumbering humans, so I am glad to be rid of this nest, queen and all.Mr. Nature got up at 5:00am to take the nest by surprise while the morning was still so cold that the hornets were not active. He took the entire thing and placed it in a plastic bag and put it where the sunlight would shine directly on it as the morning progressed.By the time he opened the bag to inspect the contents, the condensation on the inside had dampened the nest to near total collapse, and the direct heat had killed all the unfortunate hornets. Better that way than that they were left to attack us. Sorry, hornets!We are pretty sure that this was the queen because it was in its own chamber by itself. There were many workers, and multiple larvae pods. I was surprised to find that the inside nest where they kept the larvae looked much like the regular honey-comb type nest of the paper wasp.

Have you a hornet problem? Read more about hornets at New World Encyclopedia.
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