Thursday, August 26, 2010

I flunked Phone

Some phones are so snooty! Today we had to get acquainted with Aastra 6757i (maybe it was snooty because I called it Astro?). This phone is like the kid on the playground that always wins at dodgeball and gets to be a perpetual player. It has an ego to match the long run of success at pegging others - hard - and making them be "out."

So, Astro did not really play nice, but I think it is just a feeling of insecurity that causes it to show off so much at first. I have a feeling that underneath that braggart veneer, there is a nice phone just waiting for some friendship and understanding. Maybe soon I can take my flunking grade up to at least a B+.

I plan to persevere, and tomorrow, I might offer a treat. Do Dodgeball King telephones named Astro like cookies?

*note: I realize that Aastra ends with an a, and would therefore be female according to the rules of many languages. However, Astro was my favorite tv dog when I was a child, so it resonates with me in a way that Astra cannot. Also, the phone will be equipped with Park Place tomorrow (something about parking spots for lines in use), and Astro can thank ME personally for the suggestion that is taking it uptown. Maybe that makes up for the gender mangling of its name.

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