Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Raids

If you live in the city, you have heard of the destruction that takes place in other places at the prehensile hands of raccoons. If you live in a rural area, you have probably been the victim of that destruction at one time or another.

We have not seen much of the raccoons around here at Deer Palace since we stopped them from raiding the cat food in the garage via the cat door in the window. Until the last two weeks or so.

Now, they have been waking us up almost every night, knocking something over, bumping something, or just making scratching noises out on the deck with their long nails. When we go investigate with our flashlights, we mostly just see a flash of yellow eyes and a bushy tail in fast retreat.
This morning, I also found this:Food is scarce this year for the animals, with our apple trees lacking any fruit, and the cold spring and strange summer weather having delayed most other wild vegetation as well. It has been so scarce that the raccoons have been tearing at every place they can find that might hold a wasp nest. Our aging spa out there on the deck, unfortunately, is home to a few such nests. Now, it is home to one less. And to one less wooden slat as well.

I had no idea they would tear structures apart to hunt for larvae!

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redkathy said...

We have coons here too. They topple the garbage cans. If you happen to walk up on one they don't run but rather stay and defend the food even though the can belongs to you! I can imagine how they would be if food is scarce. Be careful with those guys!

Deb G said...

We've been having the same feeling around here...that food is scarce for the wildlife. My mother is having a much harder time keeping animals out of her vegetables and fruits this year.