Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Most Enjoyable Treasure Hunt

The whole town turned out for the whole-town yard sale, and as always, we had a most enjoyable treasure hunt. This year, we only came home with three purchased items, but we had a lot of fun walking the streets and perusing the wares.Amilia especially liked the ceramic cheetah head above, the cute dog below,and the stuffed bird, none of which did we buy, or even price.It was just fun to see all the colors and textures, and to comment together on which items were best, worst, and in-between. We did come home with a book, a doll carrier for Emma (the doll), and a new bed for Amilia. It was a frugal, fruitful, and reserved purchasing excursion.

Until next year...(or maybe until next week when the Fireman's annual sale arrives).

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