Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Blog,

I thought about what I would say here today, and then I had to finish my work day, so I forgot.

When I arrived home, I had to:

help with dinner (Mr. Nature thankfully does the majority of this task for me most days),

help Amilia finish her homework,

wash - dry- put away two loads of laundry, (okay, the second load is drying now...),

look for the supplies to clean the fish bowl (never found, so Nemo will have to gasp through another day),

clean the bathroom,

talk to family on the phone,

and then I had to play games with Amilia because it is "game night"

which reminded me that I was going to talk about game night here today.

But, after all the work getting to game night, and then playing Spanish Bingo once and Candyland twice, and helping clean up after dinner, I no longer have any energy to say what I was going to say here tonight.

I do so hope you understand. Until tomorrow,
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1 comment:

Lori at Jarvis House said...

It seems llike a woman's work is never done. But it is wonderful of oyu to try "to do it all." Cheers Lori from the Jarvis House