Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now You're Cookin' with CSN Stores

I have had soup two times this week, and a thick Indian curry chicken stew, and I am just getting started! This is the season for dutch ovens, so let's break 'em out and get to work in the kitchen.

Surely, you remember the stewed chicken that I cooked in my dutch oven last year? Or my no-knead bread? MMMmmmm...I can smell it now! Do you know the secret to good bread? It crackles when you press on the top. I assure you, all bread made in my dutch oven

C ~R~ A~ C~ K~ L~ E~ S

in a most agreeably satisfying way. For dutch ovens, I prefer cast iron, and right now, you can get a pre-seasoned dutch oven in 6 qt. size for $49.95, or a model in titanium for $199.99. There are many designs, colors, and styles from which to choose, but I am a believer in simplicity, so I use a plain, simple cast iron 8 qt. dutch oven for most of my dutch oven cooking and baking. Yes, I said baking. I bake my bread in mine, and I might even try it for biscuits this winter!

What are you waiting for?
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Deidra said...

I would love the bread recipe! I can't find it on here, could you email it or repost it? Thanks! I got a dutch oven last year and have not used it yet.

Sinclair said...

I will post it again...I will look it up tonight and get it on here for you, or I will email it to you.

redkathy said...

Oh I love the cns stores! Cast iron is superb when it comes to oven ware.