Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Days

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. We went visiting family in California, and though I took TWO cameras along, I did not snap one photo. Of anything. At all. None.

Can you believe that??

I could hardly believe it, either, but alas, it is the truth. That just means that you do not have to see the brown edges of the visible air we had to breathe, or the weeds and trash and despair clinging to the freeways up and down the state, or the waves of heat rising from the pavement.

But, you also do not get to see the tears streaming down our faces when we were laughing so hard at the Chinese restaurant that we almost fell out of our seats. We had ordered so much food that they actually had to bring up another table just to house the many heaping plates.
The poor server was actually afraid to take plates away when empty (after Amilia growled at her for attempting to take the soup that was not finished); I think she wondered if we might also eat the plates themselves!

You also do not get to see us running for the frisbees and running for water with heat-flushed faces. Just let me report to you that all these things were a happy end to the summer season.

Even though the calendar says it is still summer, school has begun, and the summer has slipped by into another chapter in our personal histories. The trees say Fall is arriving, and the cold air here at home is in agreement.

School days are here again, and
The Holidays are not far behind...

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