Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dark Days

The last of the tomatoes are being pulled off the vine today and tomorrow - a few that are still green may redden up over the next week or so. Others that are green, but ripe enough to be edible will be made into fried green tomatoes for supper.

The weather has turned cold. The first dusting of snow was visible on the ridge across the way yesterday morning, and this morning the clouds bore a strong resemblance to snow clouds. I sit here now in a sweater and a warm poncho, leggings, socks, and fuzzy slippers.

My Sharing Our Gifts project this month is Hats for the Homeless of Minnesota. The estimate is that there are about 13,000 homeless in Minneapolis right now, and yesterday the winds were at 60mph and the overnight temperatures this week are in the high twenties to mid-thirties. That is COLD! We have had nights in the 32 -36 range this week, but I don't have to live outdoors. If you can make a hat for the project, PLEASE do so and send it on to:

Hats for the Homeless
First Universalist Church
ATTN: Catherine/UU Stitchers
3400 Dupont Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA

The request is for WOOL because it is warmer and more insulating than synthetic fibers.

If you cannot make one, but you are among the 75ish% of the population who is still employed and can purchase a handmade wool hat for someone, PLEASE do so and send it to the address in this post. You can tag it "from Sharing Our Gifts" or you can leave it anonymous. It matters not to me, as long at those freezing people in Minnesota get at least the little bit of warmth that a warm woollie hat can provide. It doesn't have to break the bank; see below.

If you are really feeling generous, you can purchase this nice gray wool cowl from ennyrak on Etsy, and throw that in with your hat shipment. It is very affordable at $10.00, and would really make a difference for someone.Or, here is a black wool hat for $5.00 plus only $1.00 shipping.Or a gray man's wool hat for $12.00 plus shipping.
Just go to Etsy or any other site that carries handmade goods and search wool, hat, men's, and see what you find! (They need women's and children's hats as well, but have received more for them so far than they have for the men, so are especially requesting more men's hats, generously long enough to pull down over ears.)

Meanwhile, the crazy weather patterns are waging assaults all over the globe, and it certainly seems that we may be in for a severe winter this time around. Stay safe. Stay warm. Help anybody you can. You may one day be the one in need of help.


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Nancy said...

Since I can't knit this year due to my hand surgery, I went shopping on Etsy and got four wool hats to send. Thanks for the helpful hint and the links, too.