Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last year on this day

I had just finished writing a hat pattern and sending off the hat to charity. I had plans to write the pattern down and publish it to pdf so I could share it all around.

This year on this day, all I have time to do is write about what I did last year on this day. I have not yet written the pattern for pdf because I had it written on some scrap paper, and it has been sorely misplaced.

This year on this day, I only have about four hours that belong to me, and those have been spent making a toy cardboard house for Elephant (or some other small animal in the toy menagerie here at Deer Palace), eating dinner (yummy potato soup from scratch, courtesy of Mr. Nature, the Deer Palace chef), cleaning up after dinner, changing the linens on the dining table, doing a load of laundry, ironing a shirt for tomorrow, having a family Latin lesson, writing a quick entry in my "health" journal, and telling you about last year on this day and this year on this day.

Last year on this day, there was knitting and going to town and taking photos and leisurely taking in the beauty of Autumn in our little village. This year on this day, there were only obligations. No knitting. No leisure. Only a teeny bit of breathing in the beauty of Autumn.

I am looking for my sunny outlook and youthful optimism. If you find them, please email for my address and send them on to me!

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