Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And so, the Tooth Fairy

Tonight, we send a call out to the Tooth Fairy. Dear Tooth Fairy,

Do come visit our house, for the sake of the little girl who has lost her top front tooth and is feeling very ambivalent about this entire tooth loss process. Now I understand why you visit. It is not to distribute wealth and riches, but to mend and patch little souls who are fresh out of trauma triage after the stormy destruction of Growing Up rolled over them in this mortal realm.

For the last several weeks, they have learned that sometimes a little pain is part of being a kid. The tooth has caused difficulty talking, eating, and sleeping. It has been sore, sharp on top, and finally, unhinging wildly like a barn door after a tornado.

The final gust blows in and yanks the thing out, often opening a bloody furrow in tender little gums. Then there are squeals, tears, and the forlorn look in the mirror - only to see a gaping hole where the pearly white used to answer the call of the dinner chime.

Now, tooth in hand, wound healing, rinse and swish over, a little chink of childhood hurled into oblivion, I see there is a distinct need for some soothing magic from the Tooth Fairy. I remember.

For your ease, the tooth will be in the pocket of the Tooth Fairy heart pillow on my sewing machine table.

Best Regards,

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