Monday, November 8, 2010

Handmade Gifts: The $10.00 Gift Guide

Sometimes, you want to give something elegant, beautiful and profound, yet simple and affordable. If austerity measures are in your current economic policy, but you want to give an heirloom that will be both striking and memorable, you might find it in this clear glass Pride and Prejudice ornament from Brookish. But, hurry, or I might have to gather it up for my own gift giving purposes!Give her the perfect gift for entertaining in style on Christmas day. The occasion is sure to be elevated to elegant with these Dusty Gold Organza Flower Bobbies from Presumptuous Me.Vintage chic 100% cotton canvas screenprinted Peace wine bag in red from Blooom And Barnacle:No study would be complete without this Vintage Dictionary Art Print - Owl Illustration from littlebluebirdstudios. Waltz into your study and take a gander at the lexicon after the holiday meal over a glass of vintage port that you transported in your newly gifted Peace wine bag...Even Martha Stewart would be proud. With $40.00 (plus a bit for shipping) spent on these four gifts, you have just converted the holiday gathering into a most profoundly civilized and altogether satisfying engagement.


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