Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spread Holiday Cheer

The tree is alight and our spirits alight, and now we peer into the edge of the best month of the year. In our family, this is the favorite month. This is the month of birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, holiday spirit, twinkly lights, spicy drinks, hearty stews, sweet treats, and goodwill to all.

I am leaving gloominess behind in November, and I am going to attempt to lift as many spirits as I can reach by year's end. Though it is a favorite month of mine, it happens to also be an awfully cold month. I have decided to pack my vehicle trunk with care packages for those who are homeless or in need this season, and share what I have whenever and wherever I am able. If you have the ability, won't you join me and do the same in your town? I have decided to replenish from my local Goodwill as I need warm supplies, and also from my own knitting if I have anything extra. Goodwill often has handknit scarves and hats for only $.99, and lap throws and small blankets for $1.99 to $3.99.

What do you need in your trunk for winter conditions, especially if you live in a cold climate?
Tire chains, flares, flashlight, ice scraper, snow shoes (if you are in that kind of place), water, food, blanket, extra gloves, hat, and scarf. Oh, and an in progress knitting project, of course!

So, in addition to those supplies, which I am in the process of ensuring are all in my trunk, I am going to put in two extra scarves, 2 extra hats, 2 extra small blankets, and a little extra food of some sort so I have some to give. This year, and in years ahead, it is even more important that we reach out and help each other whenever possible.

What are your suggestions for sharing?

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Lori at Jarvis House said...

Volunteering at the local community thrift shop contributes to different agencies in your town. I have signed up with the Visiting Nurses/Hospice Cart agency. Although I was never a nurse, I give a lot of time helping them at the thrift shop. I started out going there to buy things, then finally decided to pitch in and work. Reaching out to people may also include using whatever little Spanish you can muster to connect with people in need. Although I am far from a fluent speaker, every word that I can remember makes a remarkable connection, so I am not afraid to try. My poor language skills are always appreciated. Give it a try.