Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The crux of the matter...

Quite simply, I just don't have the energy lately to keep a daily post here. Or thrice weekly. Or sometimes even once weekly. I notice that my posts have dropped off sharply of late, and while I have ideas for posts here, I just don't have the physique.

Posting takes time that I haven't had lately. It takes photos which I haven't taken. Photo editing which I haven't done. Research which I haven't completed. Thoughts which I haven't formulated.

I feel a bit like I am going through a dark tunnel on a road to who knows where, driven by this economy and global unrest on a bus with millions of likewise disillusioned strangers. The buzz words are everywhere, the news is always drastic, the bank accounts are in the tank, the collection bureaus are piling up their accounts by the millions, the global battering ram is busting down doors, the legislative branch seemingly has no care for what the people want, the weather patterns and natural phenomena are alarmingly apocalyptic, and I am tired from just watching it all unfold.

My words are all jammed up like logs in a flume, and I am taking this holiday season to regroup regarding the direction of this blog for the new year. For a variety of reasons, I have been unable to fully realize my goal of self-sustainable living here at Deer Palace. While I do plan to continue along that path, I think that I may simply focus this blog for the new year on intellectual and artistic pursuits. I am considering a lexicon of sorts, and posts about knitting, sewing, and other crafted items. Maybe it will begin with "crux." Suggestions? Ideas?

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