Thursday, December 23, 2010

Knitting notions

Today, another box of goodies arrived in my box from my knitting buddies. We did a holiday swap box. Swap Box, you ask? That is where one person at the beginning [me] puts a certain number of items [in our case, 6 items] in a box and sends to the first person on the participant list. Each person takes out up to four of the items, replaces with four of her own items, and sends it on to the next person. It ends with me, since I sent it out first.

Well, the box went out in October, and has made the rounds of the U.S. on its way back to me. I am awed and ecstatic about the return trip and its landing back at my house. In addition to the regular items, there were extra gifts sent just for me from various stops.

I will now share two of the items from the super duper swap box with you. One was this STUPENDOUSLY CUTE sheep tape measure from Lantern Moon. Now if I can keep it away from Amilia long enough to use it, I will measure up some knitting projects. The other was Graffiti Zoo Espresso Geckos, a handmade product out of Conyers, Georgia, and sent to me by a knitty friend from Georgia. Yum!

Blessings abound, and I am having a Merry Christmas, indeed. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas as well.
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1 comment:

Tim Wei said...

The sheep tape measure is adorable. And what a cute idea to do a swap box.

I think they should have a tool swap box for manly guys like myself - we all put in tools we have doubles of and take out tools we need. :) Lol!

Happy holidays.