Monday, February 21, 2011

The Beauty in Both

This was Deer Palace on Thursday morning last week. We had snow overnight and off and on most of the day. We had been having some unseasonable warmth and sun in the week prior, so you can see that a chair and some rakes were out at the ready. The rakes were working just a few days before, and now they look completely out of place there. However, the blanket of snow renders the scene beautiful anyway.This was Deer Palace today, and there is Simon swinging on his "tire" swing with no pants and no cares of snow or ice. Though it was cold, the day was beautiful for outdoor play, and we took advantage of the holiday to spend some time enjoying each other and watching the wild birds gobble up the treats left for them.

I love the silent, solemn beauty of snow. And I love the bright welcoming beauty of a sunny day. Soon the sun will win, and we will have warmth to accompany the rays. Even the chickens feel it coming, as they have again begun to give us some eggs.
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1 comment:

Splendid Little Stars said...

true--there is beauty is both. (But I prefer warm!)