Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken Little

The chicks have outgrown their cardboard box in the laundry room and will be moving to the greenhouse this weekend. Just a little over a week ago (or has it been closer to two already?), they were so much smaller. This photo is from one night when they were all scuffling and somehow managed to get Bernice all wet. Amilia had a wonderful time warming her and getting her dry by the fire. She cheeped very loudly, but when we would put the towel over her head like a "wing," she would doze off in just a few seconds. I will miss their cute little cheep cheep noises and fuzzy bodies. They are only super cute for a few weeks, and then they start to look and smell like chickens.

This batch is also much more aggressive than our older girls were as chicks. This group pecks at our hands when we reach into the box to feed or water them, or to pick them up. They are extra skittish, and despite the daily hands in their box, they don't seem to be getting used to us. I chose ones that looked feisty in the feed store so I could be sure they were hearty enough to survive. I think that particular bit of feisty translates to something much less admirable when it leads them to peck the feeding hand!
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