Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chicken Update

The young girls have moved into their new chicken run. It is not the prettiest run I have ever seen, but it is functional and new. It took 100 feet of wire. Each 50 foot roll carries a price tag of $25.00. Our friend and neihgbor is also building the coop. It will cost less than buying one from another place, and though I built the first one, I do not want to go that route again for some time!Until the coop is finished, the girls have been shuttled back and forth from greenhouse to run each day. They have outgrown the dog crate and the greenhouse, so they will now occupy a shanty (a very large cage made for birds that is covered with some tarp and wood siding) until the coop arrives. They are fully feathered now, and the weather is not too cold at night for them to occupy the new temporary coop shanty.

You would think I would have the coop BEFORE the birds, but that would be too easy. I have always done things the hard way, it seems. Runs in my genes, I think...
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1 comment:

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Your chickens look great! Why should you be any different from anyone else? Which came first the coop or the chicken? Happy Easter from the Jarvis Garden