Friday, May 13, 2011

On Wearing Out

So, here is the thing: I can no longer whinny. Or squeak. Or neigh in any fashion, really. Nor can I sleep through the night, or awake refreshed, or go through an entire day without something aching or paining. Sometimes it is just a dull ache or throb. Other times it is a quick stabbing pain that comes and goes.

I am busy with work, family, and charity knitting. Trips to the library and the grocer. I try to save a little energy for enjoying the lengthening evenings. Lately, these things have left me devoid of the energy required for keeping you updated here in Blogdom. I have blog thoughts. I have blog photos. I have tidbits of information.

What I do not seem to have is the physique to edit the photos and transform the thoughts to posts. I am exploring the reasons for my clock slowing, as it were. I hope to be back up to speed in the near future. I miss you, and I miss your naturing with me. I also miss my whinny. I prized it over many a tangible item, I can tell you. I have had it in my repertoire since my toddler days. What cruelty that age robs one of the neigh and the wild abandon that is its companion.

How are you all? Wishing you well..

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