Monday, August 8, 2011

Dog Days, indeed!

It is hot and sultry (finally!), but my dog days began last Saturday, the 30th of July when my dog went missing. The tree trimmers entered through the gate, but did not shut it behind them. They did not announce their presence before revving up the chainsaws and hacking into the offending tree.

At the first sound of chainsaws and falling limbs, out the open front gate she went - and far and fast did she go. Behind the residence with acreage across the main road, and up into the woods behind. We spent the entire weekend looking and calling her name. We printed photos and made signs. We sent emails and activated the community phone trees. It was an all points bulletin.

But there was no sign of our 'fraidy cat dog anywhere! By Sunday night at bedtime, we were all beginning to wonder if we would see her again. She absolutely will not go to a stranger, and if we couldn't find her ourselves, there wasn't much hope. Cougars and coyotes live out in the woods, and they might like a tasty overweight dog for dinner.

Thankfully, Miss Kate found her own way home and was at her bowl for breakfast on Monday morning. Oh, the relief! She was not too worse for the wear, but did have a limp, and was terribly full of burrs and ticks. We picked 3 ticks off that morning and took her to the Vet. She was given an anti-inflammatory for a sprained front wrist, and she was put on a diet. I had known she was overweight, and had changed her food to one with zero corn and more meat content, but I was surprised to find out she is about 25 pounds over her target weight. EEK!

Tuesday she went to the groomer, where she was scrubbed, brushed, and had another 4 ticks removed. Since then, despite her regular flea/tick treatment, we have pulled 4 more ticks off her this week. The ticks are bad this year, and they don't seem to mind the flea/tick treatments too much. We have sprinkled 20 Mule Team Borax in her dog bed and her dog house, and around the areas where she likes to lie down, and will be checking daily.

This past weekend, we took her to the park for some play, and to the pet store for a new harness. No food treats for at least a month! Have you hugged your dog today?
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