Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear blog,

I miss you. I have not forgotten you, but I have been overwhelmed with other obligations of late. I have photos to share, stories to tell, and no time in which to share or tell them. If I had time, I would tell you about how we almost stepped on the banana slug above, but saw it at the very last second. The moon phases keep cycling, the sun keeps rising and setting, and I keep running the marathon on my hamster wheel of life, hardly able to nod to the sun or moon.

I do not know the stars this year. I have not sat under the apple tree this season. The grapes do not know me. The chickens I know only by their early morning clucking that wakes me from the too short slumber. The burgeoning aloe plants overrun their pots, awaiting the much needed dividing and transplanting. The fall garden seeds await their turn in the soil. Maybe next year.

Kate is doing well on her doggie diet. She has lost several pounds and will have a weigh-in this weekend. Her sprained wrist is all healed, and she is much improved in vigor. The feel of fall is in the air, the mornings are cool, and I am ready for my snuggly sweaters.

All my best,

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