Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Odd Occurrences and Natural Disasters in 2012

I wanted to begin this year on a positive note, so I began with the overarching idea for the year of "seeking." Unfortunately, life is not always positive, and there is also a need to seek change. There is a need to seek answers. There is a need to seek to help others.

The years 2010 and 2011 were years that saw increasing occurrences of natural disasters and odd phenomenon. Perhaps there are no "answers" for WHY these things have occurred. At least, perhaps no answers that are readily available. The one potential exception to this is the BP oil spill. There are answers there, but we may never know them. For those to be known, there is a need to seek way down deep in the bowels of a corporate monster for the Truth.

However, there is no denying that odd and catastrophic things are occurring at a more alarming rate, and that means that there are more people who may need help from others. I will attempt to help when and where I am able, and that usually means sending knitted objects to help those who are in need of warmth.

2012 has dawned no different in some ways than 2010 and 2011. This year has also begun with dead birds dropping out of the sky for no apparent reason, dead fish washing ashore and then disappearing with the tide, and a large magnitude earthquake off the coast of the still crippled Japan.

There were so many things going on in 2011 that I lost count. To seek to live an aware existence means that one must not ignore what is happening in the world. One must seek to make connections where possible in an effort to draw conclusions about what might be done to alleviate the impact. For example, many people do not know that the Fukushima plant is still not completely under control from the earthquake and the following Tsunami in March of 2011. Radioactive cesium has spread over much of Japan and a full shutdown had still not been accomplished as of November, 2011. A report says that Japan was "unprepared" for the disaster, but TEPCO said there could have been "no way to prepare fora 9-0 magnitude quake..."

That may be the closest to the truth that any story has yet reached. THERE IS NO WAY TO PREPARE a nuclear power plant to withstand a 9.0 or higher earthquake. So, if we seek the most logical conclusion, all nuclear plants on this entire planet should be shuttered for good. We do not need them when the potential risk is so high. I do not think enough people are seeking the answers or drawing safe conclusions.

Since I cannot unilaterally decide for the world that all nuclear power should be abandoned, I will seek to help those whom I can after these disasters strike. I will attempt to find some fragment of hope for the deliverance of innocent people from the maniacal greed of companies seeking to further and bigger the use of nuclear power the world over.

I will continue on my journey...

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