Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Caught in the Whorl

The park and life and summer and other pursuits have kept me from Blogdom for most of this year. I have been caught in the circular arrangement of life, like the hamster on his wheel, going through the same motions over and over, ad infinitim. It is so difficult to keep in step with natural rhythms when there are too many daily obligations outside the home. It is difficult to take the time to reflect, create, share, blog. I have kept up with the knitting, barely, but have not had time to really get to know my spinning wheel.

When at home, there are too many things I want to accomplish. For each activity chosen, there is an opportunity cost. I have been able to read some books lately, which I hadn't done in quite some time. However, that meant I was reading instead of blogging. We have experimented with audio books so there is still the ability to knit or draw during the story. These work well when one does not have to concentrate too much on the handcraft. If I sew, I don't get the knitting done. If I do cleaning chores, I don't get any of the fun things done. If I knit, I don't get to read or study any new concepts. It is a never-ending cycle. Always, there are more things I want to do than time in which to do them.

One of the most positive things we ever did was kick the television to the curb. How did we ever find time to watch it in the first place? There are so many other things to do with our time!

Time management, you say? Well, that would take the fun out of it all! How do you manage to fit it all in to your day?
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Lori at Jarvis House said...

Dear Sinclair, Hi from the North East on Long Island, NY. Well, we found out what we could do without TV! Due to the electric outages due to Hurricane Sandy, we listened to radios on batteries, read by window light, used matches to light our modern gas ranges, walked to the voting booths for the national election, and took photos of the ancient old trees that fell in our parks while on foot. We are all rethinking how to become more self sufficient for the future.