Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Festivus Miracle!

 Winter has arrived on the bold north wind and brought fierce weather along for the ride.  This morning as I sat sipping my warm beverage, pondering Festivus, and watching the sleet/snow/slush/rain alternately drift down, I caught a glimpse of bright yellow against the grey brown of the winter back yard.  So, it seems Festivus brought the miracle of new winter roses.

It was then that I decided to revive my ailing blog and prepare it for the new year ahead.  This year of 2012 has been one of obligation and darkness.  It has been a year of broken bones, injured eyes, clutter of thought, clutter of things, lack of focus, and general wayward drift.  It has been a year in which I spread myself too thin and did not have time for some of the more important things in life, such as family projects, self reflection, and personal forward momentum.

I have a vague outline of goals to meet for the new year, and I plan to bring them more into focus as the days progress.  One of them is to get back to this business of blogging and sharing my discoveries with you.  My focus this next year will be less on gardening and outdoor pursuits, and more on writing, mixed media creations, knitting, and spinning yarn.

I find myself wanting to lap up every drop of life I can without falling into the bowl.  I want to taste it all, experience it all, do it all - but I am only one person and this life metes out free time hours like a miser.  So, can I organize my time better in the new year?  Can I keep up the energy level to photograph and share my pursuits?  Will my vague set of goals firm up and take the shape of success?  Only time will tell...

Join me again on this wonderful journey called life.

Happy Festivus!


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