Saturday, January 12, 2013

Almost Annabella's Cowl

Hello again! I hope you have kicked off your New Year with energy and flair. I have finished my Annabella's cowl, but have now called it "Almost" Annabella's Cowl.

I call this “almost” Annabella’s cowl because I used Madelinetosh yarn and not the yarn called for in the pattern. The pattern calls for yarn that is about 50% silk, so there is drape in the finished object.

Because I chose merino wool, I knew I would not get the drape. But I don’t generally wear things over my head in that way, so I decided to use Madelinetosh, and I only used one skein instead of two. I purchased two because I wasn’t sure before I began whether I would use them both and go the full length or not, but after one skein, it was obvious that it was going to be too bulky to go the full length. So now I can use the other skein for another “almost” cowl, as Mr. Nature really likes it and wants one also.

I may try this pattern again with a bamboo yarn and see how it goes. It is a very easy pattern that can be knit while multitasking. I really like the finished product and the Madelinetosh yarn is so nice and lofty and squishy. It is also nice and warm, and not scratchy/itchy. The total price for this project was $45.00 (because I bought 2 skeins at $20.00 each and spent $5.00 on the pattern.)

I am now also almost finished with my first "test knit" for a new knit pattern designer.  Test knitting is fun.  More about that, and my own aspirations to design patterns this year, in another post.  See you soon,

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