Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bamboo and Rice Cowl

I mentioned that I was doing a "test knit" for a new pattern designed by a member of my knitting group.  I have now finished.  The pattern called for worsted weight yarn.  I used “Baby” yarn, and even though it is closer to sport weight, it was plenty thick enough to knit this pattern. There have been a few changes made to the pattern as a result of the test knit, so I might knit it again sometime soon to see how it turns out with the changes.

It is a nice pattern. The repetitions are easy to continue without having to always refer back to the pattern, which I always appreciate. I bound off using size 9 needles so the bind off would lie flat. I think it worked out well. This pattern requires a few needle changes. One thing I did that I would not do the same is knit with different brands of knitting needles on the various changes.  I think it really needs the consistency of all the same brand and material.  This was knit with Clover (bamboo), Knit Picks Harmony (birch), and my Knit Picks interchangeable with Zephyr tips (acrylic).  I didn't have all the needles required in all the same brand, which is why I used Clover needles and then two types of Knit Picks (Harmony and Zephyr).

What does this mean? I have to buy more Harmony needles, of course! I don't have a full set of interchangeables.  (I REALLY REALLY REALLY DO NOT LIKE ZEPHYR!) Thankfully, I only have one pair of Zephyr tips.

I have set a goal to design 5 knitting patterns this year.  I have the first one percolating in my mind, but have yet to commit it to paper or needles.  We are now about 1/2way through January, so my self-imposed end-of-February deadline is fast approaching!

Happy knitting,

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