Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dog's Best Friend?

You know the dog is YOUR best friend when he lets you dress him up in baby clothes and a doll skirt. But, are you HIS best friend when you dress him up in baby clothes and a doll skirt?  Big dogs have their place, but I grew up with a toy poodle who thought he was Mighty Mutt and LOVED to wear clothes.  He had his own drawer where we kept his t-shirts, and he would go get one himself and bring it to us to be put on him.

Those were the days before dog clothes were in most stores on the planet and could be purchased for relatively little money.  In those days, small dog clothes were special order items from the local pet shop only, with premium price tags.  As a result, our dog had just a few choice t-shirts, a rain coat, and a pair of booties to keep his fee dry and warm in winter.  He wasn't super keen on the boots.

These days, I love that small dog clothes are so abundant and so much more economical to purchase.  I am happy to once again have  a shed-free small dog to call my friend.  I have also learned that the ShihPoo is a marvelous breed for willingness to wear anything and everything (except socks!).  It is also a very docile and loving breed.  This is good, because Ami has many many small clothes and hats to share.

To clothe or not to clothe?  That is the question of the day.  ShihPoos have little tolerance for cold, so we choose definitely to clothe.  Sometimes, even to play dress up.

Don't you just want to go and squeeze your pup?

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