Saturday, February 9, 2013

Miraculous Muffatees

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How superb that what is old always becomes new again.   What goes around comes around. 

History repeats itself. 

Have you heard that "wrist warmers" are popular in the current fashion of those in the know? Certainly, at least, in the world of Etsy, of knitters, crocheters, and seamstresses sewists*.
So, they are popular.  And thankfully so, because they REALLY do help to keep one cosy on a cold winter day.  

Well, they were popular in the mid-1800's as well.  But during that time period, they were not called anything so mundane as "wrist warmers."  They were called "Muffatees."  They were often ruffled at the cuff, as so many items of clothing for women were at the time.  For a charming look into the history of the subject and of Mrs. Jane Gaugain, author, designer and knitting entrepreneur, read In the Steps of Jane Gaugain.  They were also mentioned in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Read a little more about the history on Dances With Wools.

On that note, I have pledged to create at least  4 original knitwear designs this calendar year.  One of them is most definitely going to be muffatees.  Have you tried them?  If I made a masculine pair for men to wear in winter, would they ever get any wear?  What if I called them "Skier's Essential Wrist Gear" and left out the ruffles and "muffatee" title?

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*Sewist is agreed upon in common usage, though is not officially in a dictionary as a word.  I prefer the word "sewist" over "seamstress" or "sewer."  

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