Monday, March 17, 2014

The Webkinz Lil'Kinz Sweater

I have been hard at work on a teeny sweater pattern. In 2013, I set a goal to design 5 knitting patterns by the end of the year. I didn't make it. I didn't even come close. I didn't even get one pattern design completed to satisfaction.

But I have not given up the goal - I have just given up the timeline. I am almost always at odds with time. Time is not a friend I would invite to tea. So, I have been busily working on a few designs, and it looks like I might have three finished soon.

 I had planned the first to be muffatees (wrist warmers), but it seems that my plans are often sidelined by other outcomes. Instead of muffatees, my first design ended up being a bedspread for an American Girl doll sized bed. It is a very simple design and will soon be finalized and given to test knitters.

My second design is the Webkinz Lil'Kinz sweater shown in the photos above.  I have knitted two. One for Chico and one for Rosita.  Isn't she lovely?

 I have not yet come to what the final pattern will be, as I need to make more changes to the arm holes, and maybe to the neck. It is knit in the round, and I am not liking the way the arm holes have to be knit, so I am toying with making it a knitted flat project that will require seaming.  I love knitting in the round, so this will be a difficult choice.  Third test will be knit this week.  Once I get the technique pinned down, I will be able to make it for actual live dog sizes as well. 

Off to the needles...


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