Friday, September 16, 2016

Where are we going?

Harvest Time

Sometimes you have to stop and take notice of where you have been and revise the plan for where you are going.  You have to take the time to write down the direction goals, and make a plan for reaching those goals.  You have to be willing to sacrifice free time to the cause, which is one of the most painful parts of goal attainment.  You have to decide: DO YOU WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH?

Life is cyclical, and we live through varying seasons of want, need, reticence, apathy, procrastination, determination, failure, success, despair, and hope.  Behind it all, through it all, underneath the layers of whatever lies in the way, there should always be hope.  There should always be "The Dream".  When you forget what The Dream is, or you lose sight of The Dream, or you decide you don't care about The Dream anymore, it is time to stop and take that notice of where you really want to be going.

Are you content to stay in the spot where you are and simply drift lazily along the waters of life, or was there something you really wanted to do?  Was there something you started, but didn't finish?  Something you didn't start, but wish  you had?  Was there always that elusive something that you have never managed to reach?

Now is the time.  Decision will take you out of the state of indecision.  I have to always remind myself that one must have the courage to fail.  Even if failure costs money.  Not failing often means that no attempt was made (thus, no possibility of failure).  Attempting often means that failure follows - for a time.  Failure hurts.  Failure costs.  The attempt costs time that you won't get back. Is it worth your time?

Only you can decide.  For me, the question has always been: Which thing do I want most?  Which thing is actually "The Dream"? Which thing is worth my time, worth the attempt, worth failing at a few times?

I have decided that it is time to sit down with myself once again and decide the direction I want to take.  I am happily married.  I am happy with my family.  I have the college degree that provides the ticket to certain goal attaining venues.  I have the drive to get further than the place I now find myself.  I am at the place of determining how much time I am willing to give to finally complete the leap.  I am here at a crossroads where I need to strip away the apathy and decide to continue the journey.  

One element of The Dream is to be a published writer, and this blog was always for the exercise of the "writing muscle".  I have been on the fence about whether to continue that endeavor in the "Nature With Me" realm, or to begin anew with a more focused blog and a hosted site of my own.  Those answers are not yet clear to me, but I have decided to continue here for a time while I make some decisions about how and where to spend my precious free time.  The journey is long, but life itself is simply a journey; life is The Journey, and we must make of it what we are willing to make.  Our time on this earth is finite, though none of us knows when our time will end.  I think we owe it to ourselves and our Creator to find joy and success, and to help others find their joy and success.


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