Sunday, March 10, 2019

Back to Nature

Nature Girl has been reading my blog and asking why I have not posted in so long. My answer is that life gets busy and there is not enough time for all the things we want to do. When one thing takes priority, something else gets bumped. Unfortunately, writing has been bumped for me for too long. 

Many things have kept me busy, and many things will continue to keep me busy, but I enjoy writing, and do intend to revive this blog. In doing so I will have to experiment a bit with the theme and layout. 

Nature Girl has also asked me why I don't speak to her the way I write for the blog. My answer to that question is that we don't generally speak the way we write, and my thoughts for the blog get to be more thoughtful and philosophical (if you will) than we usually take time for in verbal conversation.

Most days, our discussions are centered around mundane tasks like laundry and other household chores, work outside the home, school work, community activities and obligations, feeding and caring for our dogs, and other such topics. I am often giving orders or making requests for assistance and feeling distracted by all the thoughts and requirements swirling through my mind on any given day. In my mind, we do take time for all manner of fun philosophical discussions, but reality bullies its way in and the above mentioned topics take top billing.  

We have decided to have family sit-down-at-the-table dinner again at least two days per week so we can more leisurely have some of those interesting discussions, and we have committed to having mid-afternoon tea time on Saturdays. We had a lovely tea time yesterday, and it did allow for some fun family discussion and slower enjoyment of the afternoon.  

After tea, we went to our small bridge over the seasonal creek and sat outside for a time. Nature Girl built a small house for the wildlife and I knitted in a chair while I watched her run a little boat down the creek and clamber across on a fallen log. Mr. Nature cleaned debris out of the bridge planks while our cat lounged next to him. My original plan was to knit inside on the couch, but Nature Girl said to me that I shouldn't miss out on creek season. She was so right! 

The creek is seasonal and fleeting, like so many other aspects of life. She reminded me to take hold and enjoy every moment.

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