Friday, August 16, 2019

Drinking in the Nectar of Life

In an ever increasingly hectic and chaotic world, I find it important to stay grounded, centered, in constant pursuit of the sweetness. When I find the sweetness in life, I drink deeply and give thanks abundantly. What is the nectar of life? I am sure it is different for each person. In a nutshell, it is joy, goodness, warmth, love, beauty, wherever it finds you. It is the places and times where you feel contentment, serenity, the ability to breathe deeply and relax.

I find it in so many places, but when the daily news bombards me through the internet and through my phone and over the radio airwaves and on my streaming device, I have to actively seek to turn those things OFF and to remember the small, sweet things. Our Heavenly Father wants us to experience joy, and He lends us his joy when we can find none. 

The industrious honey bee, the fluttering humming bird, the brilliantly colored butterfly, the woodpecker, the scurrying squirrels - these are all wonders to behold. A flower unfolding, a chicken scratching for insects, the breeze through the trees, the evening song of the crickets and cicadas, the brightness of the stars on a warm summer eve - these are the treasures of the world given us.  

When people lived in simpler times without all the "modern" conveniences and technology and noise, they were more connected to all of these things that pour out the nectar of life. Time moved more slowly, and there was cool sun tea on the porch of an evenin'. There was fishing for hours in the babbling brook and foraging for wild greens and berries in open prairies and on hillsides. 

These days, we cannot always see where we are going, what lies ahead, or even maybe where we have been. It takes effort to slow down and really connect with the natural world. It takes diligence to re-learn what generations past knew and took for granted.

We can do it!! "Intentional living" is required. That is a buzzword these days, but what it means is that you have to determine what you want, how you want to live, what values you want to keep and follow, and then you have to take intentional steps to do and be those things. My intentional living steps (and I am always a work in progress) are moving toward staying centered in the Word of our Heavenly Father and soaking up the knowledge and hope and strength it offers, keeping my family close and engaged, writing "snail mail" letters, decluttering and minimizing worldly belongings, continuing my knitting/crochet charity efforts and making items for myself/friends/family, writing with ever-increasing focus, developing a business idea I have had dancing in my mind for years, completing a Master Herbalist certificate course, growing primarily useful plants, gardening, learning all aspects of food preservation, learning some basic woodworking skills, helping others make and achieve goals, and continuing to remember at every possible second to seek and experience the sweet nectar of life in this mortal realm. The more we seek, drink, share, and remember, the more we can spread the joy that is our gift. My hope would be that we could spread and share enough joy and love to crowd out the darkness. I can definitely sip from that cup. Where will you find the nectar?


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